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Phill Sikes Design

Inner Rim Oak Vessel No. 2260

Inner Rim Oak Vessel No. 2260

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Enclosed forms are special, tactile objects. Each piece is meant to be picked up and held, to feel the texture of the timber and the curves of the form.

This piece was inspired by the work of Irish woodturner Liam Flynn. Flynn created fluid forms that were delicately carved and unique. The inner rim of this piece was inspired by what he created for many of his vessels. 

I chose to use only gouges to shape this piece. No specialized hollowing tools, scrapers or heavy abrasives were used. it was turned from wet green wood, burnished on the lathe and left to dry for a few days before being oiled. The tool marks and burnished surface give a brief history of the process and suggest the hands involved in the making.

Form measures approximately:
7” wide and 3" high

Finished with completely food-safe tung oil.

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