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Large Black Walnut Calabash Serving Bowl no. 2342

Large Black Walnut Calabash Serving Bowl no. 2342

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This bowl is meant for sharing! The calabash shape gives this bowl plenty of room for whatever you are serving, salad, fruit, popcorn or the largest ice cream sundae you can imagine. When not in service, the form will warm any room.

Turned once and allowed to warp, the shape is slightly oval. During the drying process the bowl did reveal a knot and two cracks that have been stabilized and filled with resin where needed. I don’t usually like to use resin, but it’s useful where appropriate and blends well with the timber so as not to take away from the form.

Bowl measures approximately:
13” wide and 6” high

Finished with completely food-safe heat treated walnut oil and our own Board and Bowl Conditioner. Ready for your next meal or special event.

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